onsdag 1. mai 2019

Leftovers from Puglia

There is now over a week since we left Puglia for this time.  Some plans were fulfilled, others not. Whitewashing the "forno a legna"  
and at least one of the walls of the house just have to wait until next time. 
As we are a growing group of Norwegians here down south in Italy, we have to use a lot of time socializing. No bad words about that. It is really interesting to meet people of all kinds who have decided to be a bit more than just tourists in Puglia.
Temperatures were good. Every morning from Monday 15. April and one week further on, we ate breakfast on the terrace. 
I have my own hairdresser in Ceglie, one of the small picturesque towns in the neighbourhood. This time my son also had his hair cared for. On the top of my head, there is enough hair to let me believe there are no naked parts of the skull, at least when I am not looking in a mirror. Luigi is capable of cutting my hair and still when I walk out the doors afterwards, one would think that I have more on the top than when I entered.
A tradition in Puglia at least on of Easter is to together with the family to visit a good restaurant for lunch or pranzo. Endless rows of dishes and hours of chatting with friends. Some permanent living in Puglia, some with houses used part of the year and some who are looking for a place to fulfil their dreams. 

 Youngest and oldest seems to enjoy themselves in the same way.

 At Antimo where we had pranzo this time, they had a little cellar for wine and coffee. Down a narrow winding stair with rock walls, Sofie found this chair which could also do as a queens chair. 
All good have an ending. Ryanair took us from Brindisi to Rome. SAS did the rest of the job to bring us home to Vigrestad.
It is totally sure that if you don't take part you have no chance to win. Ryanair has this charity lottery on their flights. Sadly no luck for Hadi this day.
 Good to be back where the sun always sets in the west and we can see it as long as there are no clouds hiding it from our view.
But Puglia is not history. In only 4 and 1/2 weeks from now, I have given myself the chance of doing the whitewashing of the "forno a legna" and the house.

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