søndag 26. mai 2019

Can't wait

If I were Pinocchio and told you that I am not looking forward to my next visit to Latiano, my nose would have grown out of the picture you are looking at.
Sign on the door tells visitors that Vigil Nova is engaged to look after our house. No calls from Vigil Nova so far since Easter. Actually, there have been no attempts to get into our house since July 2017 when the main door was totally damaged (but still no unwanted guest inside the house) as well as the main door to our Motorcamper.

Only one week now and I will be there. Some work has to be done, but there will be plenty of time to relax. From the weather report, I can see that there might be a risk of getting burnt from the sun. Sorry, the pool will not be installed, 
To lie is only a matter of perfection

but luckily there is a shade to hide in

 during the hours when the sun isn't only tanning, it is burning.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Med et slikt langtidsvarsel er det greit at vi returnerer til gamlelandet 6. juni.

  2. Siden vi ikke har svømmebasseng, har vi valgt å bare være i Puglia om våren og høsten. Vi er visst såkalt "kaldtvannsturister" som synes selv 30 grader blir i meste laget.

    1. Om det bare held seg under 40 så går det greitt.